Broaden Your Mind. Study abroad, in Australia!

Did you know that this month is Study in Australia month?

To me, being able to live and study or work abroad is one of life’s greatest experiences. It is something to be encouraged because foreign students are basically a win-win for everyone involved. For the students going abroad, they get to learn (obviously) at a top-notch institution and to experience a new people and culture.

Study in Australia

Study in Australia

For the locals, they also get to mix with people from all races, religions and cultures. Indeed, some of my own fondest memories from uni are hanging out and mixing with international students, who have since become life -long friends. But it doesn’t just broaden the experience of everyone involved, it also causes a sharing of experiences and a mixing of ideas – which isĀ  ultimately what drives innovation. Just look what The Economist said about the success of Silicon Valley and the American economy itself. It puts this success down to ‘foreign students [who] make a significant contribution to innovation and entrepreneurship’!

And with the United Kingdom cutting the numbers of foreign students over the next five years (which I think is crazzzy), Australia is looking like a more popular place!

Of course, I know many of my international friends will pipe up with the common gripe that foreign students are sometimes treated as cash-cows, and I know that’s true. Put simply, some institutions need to do better with their services. But I also know that as competition for foreign students heats up, it drives up the quality of services provided. Also the institutions do listen, so please provide frank feedback. Furthermore, thorough research and talking to people in the know is vital before deciding where to go. And I’m pretty confident that if you speak to people you know who have gone to study in Australia, they’ll speak highly of their experiences. So whether you’re thinking of doing a bachelors, masters, or a diploma, or sending your kids to boarding school – think about Australia.



Disclaimer: Study in Australia month has been organized by the Australian Trade Commission and AustCham, along with the cooperation of the Federation of Australian Alumni Associations. Davyd is the current secretary of the University of New South Wales Alumni Association (Hong Kong).

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