A Chinese Resort Story

“Let’s visit a Chinese themepark!”. Yes, I know many people will have had the same skeptical response when a friend suggests this. But now that I’ve just come back from a few days at Chimelong in Panyu (番禺)- a suburb of Guangzhou, I think it’s actually not a bad experience.

Many people will have noticed that there is a sudden proliferation of theme parks in China (and golf clubs and polo clubs too). They’re already heavily advertising outside of the mainland market.  And when you think about it, Theme parks (golf clubs and polo clubs also) need a lot of land, and well, China has more than Hong Kong so anything they build over the border is going to have a natural advantage already.

And when you have lots of land, you can build not just a decent sized hotel, but a decent size theme park, circus, animal park and water park too! All in one place – plus it’s cheap, relatively cheerful and a lot of fun, even for the big kids hahaha!

As Chimelong is in Guangzhou, it’s only a few hours by direct bus (if you’re game) from Hong Kong. Though of course, taking the direct bus is definitely not recommended for any one with a heart condition, or in fact, anyone who’s heart is still beating for that matter. Let’s just say it’s definitely more life threatening than any ride at the theme park that’s for sure. Next time, I’d organise a hire car or something for sure.

Plus now that Hong Kong is packed full of mainland Chinese tourists, this is the perfect place to go and chill – and meet some local Hong Kong people for a change. It’s where they’ve been hiding all along…


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